Mini Drainage Pump

SB MINI SERIES Drainage/pump submersible pumpset a compact design pump below the motor, there is a common shaft between pump and motor, the pump motor unit is of close coupled construction and perfect isolation is achieved with the help of a double mechanical seal in separate oil chamber and special leap seal is provided which keeps motor away from the water being pumped, High grade corrosion and abrasion resistance material is being used for robust application. Impeller is non - clog type dynamically balanced, vortex type design.

Motor is designed for energy saving higher efficiency standard and wounded with F class insulation, Motors are water tight sealed having IP-68 degree of protection. High temperature motors are also available on request.



Pump Type

Electrical Submersible
Three Phase 415v/Single phase 230v.
RPM 3000 - 50Hz.

Class IP 68.
Maximum Submergence =10Mtr(H2O).
Maximum Temp. 45 Deg.
PH Value- 5 - 8.
Operation - Vertical/Angular.
Impeller Type - Vortex.
Double Mechanical Seal .
Standard Cable Length - 10Mtr.
Dewatering pits & Trench.
Construction sites.
Flood water Pumping.
Basement Dewatering.
Dairies Manure Pumping.
Septic Tank Cleaning.
Hotel/Hospital kitchen waste.
Industrial Waster.
Material of Construction
Impeller - Cast Iron.
Rotor Shaft - SS 410.
Mechanical Seal - Sic vs Sic.(Double).
Stator Body - SS.
Bearing Housings - Cast Iron.
Rubber Parts - Nitrile.
SS Grade - CF8,CF8M, etc also available.
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